Transition from school to adult life is the process of preparing youth/young adults for life after they leave high school, including participation in post-secondary education or training, employment, independent living and community participation.  Transition planning can be conceptualized as a bridge between school programs and the opportunities of adult life and involves a partnership between the student, the family, the education system, adult services agencies and providers, and local community members.  Effective transition involves purposeful planning among all these entities.

The process of secondary transition in Pennsylvania is a shared, cross-system responsibility implemented through state and local cross-agency teams.  The vision of the PA Community on Transition is that all Pennsylvania youth and young adults with disabilities will successfully transition to the role of productive, participating, adult citizens.  Youth will be empowered to recognize their talents, strengths and voice and have equal access to resources that promote full participation in the communities of their choice.  Many stakeholders across the state of Pennsylvania are working collaboratively to improve post-school outcomes of youth and young adults.