Most Featured Stories are short videos or articles about real people whose lives inspire and demonstrate the positive efforts of individuals, families, and professionals.  Other Featured Stories tell of topics of interest to ODP stakeholders.


Amber Smiling


Amber Communicates

. . . Just Listen

Amber doesn’t say much, at least in strings of words that most people would understand. “We have to use alternate modes of communication.”

Introduction to Amber Communicates
Meet Amber and Debbie (video)
Amber Communicates   (written version)
Amber Communicates (audio version)
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Dennis’s Journey

“So many people see only disabilities. Look at Dennis. Look at the possibilities. He leads a complete and full and rich life. He has dreams and goals, and his community is behind him. Dennis has always led the way . . . And I have followed.”    – -   Dennis’s Mom

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 Larry and Cheryl

Employment – How it Happened for Me

Larry started his path to a work career at VIA of Lehigh Valley, Inc. in a sheltered workshop setting and is now working in the community at a job he enjoys. Cheryl is an Employment Coordinator at VIA of Lehigh Valley, Inc. and is part of Larry’s support team. In his own words Larry shared how the transition to community employment happened for him.

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Lifesharing – Nancy & Elizabeth’s Story

“What most people notice first about Elizabeth is her beauty. When we are out in the community, people seem drawn to her, and usually come and tell us something about themselves. I believe this, including her disabilities, is her vocation. Elizabeth is not a copy of you, minus what she can’t do that you can; she is so much more.”

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Elizabeth andNancy
CDS Photo

The College of Direct Support

The College of Direct Support is a national, web-based curriculum for people who support women and men with developmental disabilities.

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